Friday, 11 April 2008

The Best Way to Diet

The reasons people start martial arts are many, ranging from competition to meeting new people. One of the main reasons people start though is to lose weight. By weight, what most people actually mean is fat. I’m sure if people lost fat, but gained muscle, maintaining the same figure when stepping on the scales they would be just as happy. Exercise does help when doing this but the main concern should be your diet.

Dieting is something that has to be done to lose fat. You have to consume fewer calories which means, not eating as much. There are many types of different diets around. The Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Cabbage Soup diet, etc. There are plenty of them but they all do have one thing in common, REDUCE YOUR OVERALL CALORIES.

All of these diets do work, but what makes them work is the commitment of the individual to the diet. Imagine being on the Cabbage Soup diet. As the name suggests you have to eat mainly cabbage soup, if anything else. Well to stay committed to this can take a lot, and most stray off it after just a couple of meals.

Then there are the diets that are only for a specific amount of time. Maybe for just a week, month or a few weeks. Again these may work for some, but because your body has resisted certain foods for so long, when you come off the diet, it is very tempting and easy to start over indulging on foods that are of no benefit to you apart from providing you with extra warmth in the form of fat.

The best and healthiest way of losing fat and keeping it off is to just be careful of your intake. About 90% of your weekly food should be freshly prepared. If you have to prepare it yourself at home, you know exactly what is going into the meal. Eat vegetables whenever you want. Fruits are excellent for your vitamins and minerals (berries are the best). Try and get lean cuts of meat which are skinless. White meat will always be healthier than red meat. Nuts are great sources of healthy fat. Have plenty of water. Cereals can work as great snacks when you need something quick and easy. Oatmeal with honey or peanut butter tastes great. Milk is what is given to babies to make them strong and grow, and so should adults have at least a glass a day. If you want to lose fat, cut down slightly on some of these types of foods but don’t cut them out. You will get some cravings but not as bad than if you were cutting out food groups completely. Exercise at least three times a week, and after a few weeks, you shall notice the changes, without it being unhealthy. Having an ice cream or a pizza will not make you instantly obese, but having these types of food regularly will, so don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally splurge, just be aware of it.

Eat healthy. Try not to be fooled by these fad diets, diet pills or anything else claiming to give your results within a few weeks, because they are mostly unhealthy money making scams. Good luck.


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