Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Shin toughening

Shin toughening is a must for all Mauy Thai fighters and should be included by every fighter in my opinion. A strong kick to the shin especially with shoes can end a fight. There are many methods in conditioning shins, some people roll glass bottles and metal pipes over them while others tap them with rolling pins. Personally i dip a cloth in water, ring it dry, roll it up into a ball then hit my shins about 500 times each leg. I do this about three times a week and along with shin kicks on the heavy bag, i feel my shins getting stronger and stronger. Does anyone have any tips they care to share?

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Anonymous said...

hey mark that sounds likde a good plan. i intend2 give it a go and get back to u, cheers

Anonymous said...

Find a bag (like some sort of animal feed bag), and fill it semi-full of sand. Wrap it around, and attach it to, a tree. Kick away. Once your shins get very strong, find a softwood tree, like a fur, and lightly kick the trunk.

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