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Home workout Part 1

Part 1 gives a workout dedicated to cardiovascular, strength and flexibility increase. This circuit has been tried, tested and used for many years by myself. Although it gives greatest benefits to martial artists, it can be performed by anyone to increase all the above. It can be performed anywhere as all that's needed is about 3 meters of room. Perform each exercise for 1 minute and gradually increase to a maximum of 3 minutes over a period of weeks. If 3 minutes is too easy, then the aim should be to increase intensity by performing more repetitions each exercise. Perform the circuit at least three times (3 sets) working up to as many times as you can. Have some water handy and takes gulps after each set. Don't over strain yourself for the first week as it could result in injury.

Below are the exercises,
Jumping jacks - Starting from a natural stance, feet shoulder width apart, with hands by your side, jump and open your feet double shoulder width apart and bringing your hands high above your head in a circular motion, then jump back to the starting stance. (that's 1 rep).

- Lying on the floor, knees bent, fingers touching the side of your head, CURL you chest to your knees then back down (that's 1 rep).

Running on the spot
- Making sure that your knees are brought as high as possible and your arms are moving simultaneously with the legs.

High front kick
- Starting with your right leg forward and left leg behind, swing you back(left) leg straight up in front as high as you can, keeping it straight always then let it swing back to the starting position.

High front Kick
- Same except you start with the left leg in front and swing with the right.

Knee jumps
- Standing straight jump up bringing both knees to the chest. (For added intensity keep your hands locked behind your head).

Press ups
- Starting on your hands and toes, with your back straight, arms not locked out but very nearly. Bringing your chest down to the floor then back up (can be done on your knees if your to tired).

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